Random Guy Plays Honky-Tonk Song On Piano In Hardware Store

Random Guy Plays Honky-Tonk Song On Piano In Hardware Store

A ‘random guy’ goes viral online when he plays a honky-tonk song on the piano in a hardware store. But who was this talented musician?

Jacob Tolliver is an actor, and musician. He has been on the hit TV show, American Idol, and he made it in the competition all the way to Hollywood week. Jacob also played the role of Jerry Lee Lewis in the movie, “Million Dollar Quartet.”

Jacob had begun his entertainment career at a young age, he always performed for his teachers and classmates at Portsmouth West High School. In this video, Jacob decided to perform “Whole Lotta Shakin’” inside of a hardware store.

Jacob began playing almost immediately, with no introduction or a countdown. He is so fluent with the piano, it almost seems like second nature for Jacob to hit every key with no problems whatsoever.

Jacob’s singing complimented his flawless piano skills very well. He really has a talent that would impress just about anyone. You can tell that Jacob has put a lot of time, and effort into what makes him such an amazing musician today.

You really don’t hear a lot of honky tonk these days, but thank goodness for Jacob! He was right there to bring it back to life in a very energetic way, and with so much character.

Feeling the music, and just playing the music are two different things. You can play music with a blank expression, and with not even a tap of your foot. But true artists feel the music, and allow the music to move them in ways you can’t explain.

Jacob feels the music like no other, allowing his body to be loose and fluent. His hands moved across the keys like butter on warm bread, each finger knew where to go and when to go there.

Singing while playing the piano seems pretty difficult if not impossible to most. Jacob makes such an intimidating instrument look like anyone could do it right off the bat! What an inspiring performance!

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