Big Sister Is Reduced To Tears After Meeting The New Baby

Big Sister Is Reduced To Tears After Meeting The New Baby

New additions to the family bring joy to parents who’ve been busy preparing and praying for their arrival. Siblings are often eagerly awaiting their family’s newest addition with intense anticipation. One big sister is reduced to tears after meeting the new baby.

This big sister jogs excitedly into the room. Comically, her clothing makes her look like one of the nurses. She moves the curtain to the side and immediately giggles with glee as she sees her mom holding her new sibling.

But the sight is too exciting for her, that she has trouble controlling her emotions.

“Shh. Shh.” Her mother tells her in response to her loud voice.

The girl screams and cries almost at once. Initially, she is on the wrong side. So she rushes to her mother’s side hoping to see the baby’s face. “Come over here,” the mother says, directing her to the other side of the hospital bed.

“Hi!” the big sister says when she makes eye contact with the baby. Well, her eyes have made contact at least. Whether or not his eyes are open is unclear in the video, but he is definitely quiet.

Her baby sibling is doing what babies often do when they’ve made their difficult journey into the world. Rest.

The little girl sits on the bed with her mother. The father is behind her, but his excitement is tampered. He has probably already seen the baby and brought his daughter in afterwards.

“Hi, Connor,” sissy says happily. Her smile is very wide and very genuine.

She gives him a kiss as her mother cradles the baby.

“I love you,” the sister confesses.

“I love you too, sissy,” the mother answers for her baby.

The sight is a great reminder of the importance of family. Sometimes we neglect to acknowledge those closest to us, showing the same sort of affection we would on the first day in this world and their last.

What if we honored one another more like no day was guaranteed? After all, no day is guaranteed for any of us.

“I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.”
(Philippians 1:3)

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