Little Boy Has Cutest Dance-Off With Inflatable Lawn Decoration

Little Boy Has Cutest Dance-Off With Inflatable Lawn Decoration

It was an adorable moment captured on camera when this little boy has a dance-off with the Halloween inflatable.

It all started when 3-year-old Orin took a stroll in his Maryland neighborhood. Orin’s mom, Lindsay Ball, said, "Our older son is busy with virtual school, so I find myself desperate for ways to keep the little one busy and out of his way. We decided to go on a walk down our street.”

While they were making a loop around the neighborhood, they spotted a new Halloween decoration in their neighbor’s lawn. It was a giant, inflatable skeleton and it completely captured Orin’s attention.

As the inflatable waved across the yard, Orin couldn’t help but join in. After a few moments, Lindsay decided to pull out her phone and start recording. That’s when she captured this precious dance-off between Orin and the waving skeleton and this talented toddler definitely gave the inflatable a run for his money.

After posting the clip online, she was surprised to review so much positive feedback. In fact, the video has garnered thousands of views and shares across social media and the number is still growing. “As a family, we love to laugh, and we're so happy that our son’s dance moves have brought a smile to so many people's faces!"

During these difficult times, it’s always a welcome reprieve to see such joy and positivity in the world around us. We hope that Orin continues to dance and his adorable moves have helped to brighten your day too.

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