Street Performer Plays 'Sweet Caroline' And Subway Passengers Join In

Street Performer Plays 'Sweet Caroline' And Subway Passengers Join In

A street performer plays ‘Sweet Caroline’ and subway passengers join in, and the cool video of it went viral!

When you leave a restaurant or a movie theater, or a play, sometimes you have that experience of being greeted with street performers singing, playing music, or even breakdancing. Turns out this could be the case while waiting for a subway too.

The performer strings his guitar confidently as the mass of people around wait for their ride. Some listen, others mind their business. When he reaches the chorus of the song many of the subway passengers join in. Together they sing with smiles and joy.

The sight is humorous and uplifting as something as mundane as waiting for a subway can become interesting when someone uses their talents for the community.

Viewers of the video were also pleased.

One comment read, “Why aren’t people more like this with everything?!”

Another reminisced on the days free of physical distancing with, “I sure do miss heartfelt human interactions like this.”

Another shared, “This is what life should be about, having fun with strangers at any place at any time.”

When we can open ourselves up to sharing these moments of happiness with others, we allow ourselves to show love to our neighbor. Jesus has called us to love others as we love ourselves Matthew 22:39.

Loving others could be playing music in the subway station, or maybe it means saying hello to a stranger, or holding the door for someone. Pray for God to show you daily how you can share love with others. There’s always someone in need of love.