Comedian John Crist Shares Perfect Car Horn Ettiquette

Comedian John Crist Shares Perfect Car Horn Ettiquette

Christian comedian John Crist never fails to entertain! I don’t know how he comes up with new stuff as often as he does, but his hilarious take on everyday life from a Christian perspective has me in stitches every single time.

In this video, John shares proper car horn etiquette. When is it ok to blow your horn? How many times should you honk in a row? What message are you really sending with the length and frequency of your beeping? John has all the funny answers, and he’ll leave you in stitches!

He first explains when one tap on your horn is appropriate. He shares times when letting someone know “I’m here, but whenever you’re ready.” including pizza delivery drivers and moms at soccer practice letting her kids knows she’s arrived to pick them up.

Then he shares when two short bursts should be used. This is slightly more urgent. For example, you’re behind a driver at a red light who is texting. This should be used to remind motorists that there are other things potentially happening around them. “Oh, other people exist!”

But John really ramps things up when he begins with the ‘two medium honk’ explanation. “Oh, this is serious! That’s like the mom waiting in the garage when the kids are trying to get ready for church, and we’re ready to go. . . ‘Don’t make me get to three honks!’ That’s when you know it’s serious. ‘If I’m going to get to church and have to apologize to Jesus, somebody’s going to be responsible!’” He explains that you can tell when a two medium length honk has occurred because usually that means a vein has started popping out on his neck.

He finishes by explaining the three honk and the most serious of all honks, the one short, one long honk.

Even if I’ve had a three-horn morning and my neck vein is definitely popping, I always know I can press ‘play’ on a John Crist video and my day will get a little brighter!

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