UN peacekeeping force in the Golan Heights may collapse (Second Coming Watch Update #285)

Released: December 20, 2012 By: Daniel Whyte III

1. According to The Times of Israel, France's ambassador to the UN said that the United Nations peacekeeping force deployed on the Israeli-Syrian border has begun taking precautions against the possible use of chemical weapons, and may collapse in the face of a Syrian regime offensive. Gérard Araud (GE-RAR AR-OU) said that clashes between Syrian government and opposition forces on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights have sparked fears in Western countries concerning the safety of their nationals serving at the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force. Some of these countries, Araud (AR-OU) said, may withdraw their men from the force as a result.

2. According to The Associated Press, Germany and the three other West European members of the U.N. Security Council are preparing a statement condemning Israel's latest settlement plans in east Jerusalem and the West Bank. Permanent council members Britain and France plus Germany and Portugal are concerned that such settlements could threaten a possible two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians. The diplomats said that details of the statement were being finalized in New York.

3. According to the Washington Post, Cyclone Evan, after devastating Samoa late last week, tore across Fiji leaving behind a trail of destruction...

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