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Psalms of Zion (New Worship Music)




The choir has been assembled, the synthetic symphony activated, and the ancient psalter opened; the "Psalms of Zion" are ready to be sung. This modern hymn brings worship past the present, into the future, and back to the Biblical source of Christian praise. Combining Psalms one and two and Revelation twenty-one, "Psalms of Zion" clearly presents the Christian hope and reminds us why we worship.

Lord, we will contemplate your law and we will love it all.
And those who hate your ways and scoff at you in time will fall.
You bless your saints as flowing streams refresh the blossomed tree.
Like withered husks on wind the wicked flee.

Rejoice! Rejoice!
Our King Christ Jesu,
Reigns in Zion,
From His ancient throne and makes all things new.

Why do the nations rage and gentiles plan their plots in vain,
Against Messiah who will break them with his iron cane?
O, kiss the Son of God, wise rulers, make his wrath be still.
Rejoice with trembling on his Holy Hill.


How lovely are your gates, O Zion, shining like the day.
And they shall never shut; your enemies have fled away.
Your red-robed King has conquered Satan, hell and death and sin.
O kings and nations bring your glory in.


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