Prayer Stop TV - Empowered Pt. 1 - Trailer

Watch the exciting new Prayer Stop TV show on the NRB Network (Direct TV channel 378 and Sky Angel 126) every Friday night at 4:30 CST. For more information about our ministry or how you can start your own Prayer Stop outreach in your area, please visit our website at

Episode 7 Summary:
Host Darrel Rundus starts by teaching you the "I -- Breaking the Ice" and the "P -- Probing" parts of the simple, powerful and effective iPOD way of sharing the Gospel with others. We show you clips of other Christians executing each step in order to give you real life examples of just how easy iPOD is to learn and how powerfully effective it is. Last but certainly not least, we continue on the Journey with Joe as he finally faces his fears and "Breaks the Ice" with his very scary boss.

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