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Who are the people close to you who don’t yet know Jesus?

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Todd Bentley AGREES we must believe in THE ANGEL!

Todd Bentley explaining about how the &quot;Lord&quot; told him that since the church already believes in Jesus that the &quot;revival&quot; is all about believing in the angel.<br />
<br />
Notice it was &quot;the angel&quot; and NOT &quot;angels.&quot;<br />
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This is because, when viewing the entire message in context (which I'm sorry I don't have available), Todd was referring to the angel carrying the winds of change.<br />
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So when the spirit that identifies itself as &quot;the Lord&quot; says &quot;you gotta get the people to believe in the angel&quot;, it is referring to the &quot;angel carrying the winds of change.&quot;<br />
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When Todd was asked about this particular angel, he stated that this angel was in charge of the late William Branham's ministry.<br />
<br />
William Branham had a heretical ministry which denied the trinity. He also believed he was Elijah the prophet and in UFO's. He believe the great pyramid had a significant effect on his ministry.

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