Unlikely 'Storm' Interrupts Weatherman's Live TV Report

Unlikely 'Storm' Interrupts Weatherman's Live TV Report

Check out this video to see just how one unlikely “storm” interrupted a weatherman during his live TV report.

One weather reporter was interrupted by a storm during his TV broadcast, but it is not what you may think. No, it is not a storm that includes rain, thunder, or lightning, but a dog named Storm! What a great name for the dog of a weatherman.

Meteorologist Anthony Farrell is the owner of the dog, Storm, and recently, his little pooch surprised him by crashing his weather report!

“Yes, Storm is in the building,” says Anthony as the dog is seen in front of the green screen as the temperatures for the day are shown. “Getting some treats, walking on thin air.”

But Anthony doesn’t miss a beat as he delivers the information about the weather in Toronto. He just keeps going as Storm walks across the screen. All that dog wanted was some treats; he had no clue that he was getting his moment of fame as the highlight of the weather report!

“It’s live TV, so you’re just going to keep going,” shares Anthony as he is holding Storm during an interview. “He’s a great dog though, and he’s been kind of part of the family here.”

I’m sure the viewers of the weather broadcast didn’t mind seeing that cute little dog on the TV as they were checking out the weather for the day. It’s an adorable scene that is sure to make anyone smile!

Now that four-legged Storm is much cuter than any other storm that meteorologists are used to seeing! Anthony has a great pup to keep him company and bring him smiles for days to come.

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