'Shortest' Long Distance Relationship Shows The Power Of Love During COVID

'Shortest' Long Distance Relationship Shows The Power Of Love During COVID

The power of love has been on display at the US-Canada border, at least that’s what the ‘shortest’ longest distance relationship seems to suggest.

Two lovers, once together, now separated, for a time at least. Karolyn Gagnier resides in Windsor, Canada, and her other half lives in Detroit, Michigan. His name is Scott Meyers. If not for the pandemic, the two lovebirds would be spending more time physically together.

Instead, the days and months have had them social distancing with the partial border closure. Still, love keeps them drawing near, well that, and their close proximity. And how close are they exactly?

“We could literally wave at one another,” Karolyn said.

“[I’d] wave at her and she would see me,” Scott added.

The couple had been dating for two years prior to the pandemic. Though lockdown didn’t lead to any sort of breakup, they needed to switch up how they interacted. The US-Canada border was only open to essential travel.

Was their love essential?

Likely so, but nonetheless, they found ways to interact across the nine miles of water separating them.

Karolyn’s method of visiting Scott has involved driving to the airport in Toronto, Canada. The four-and-a-half-hour drive then put her on a plane traveling to Detroit, Michigan. The direction she drove from was essentially where the plane was taking her.

Then she went to surprise him at his job at Home Depot. These plane trips are infrequent though, for financial reasons. Instead, most of their ‘visits’ are at the waterway separating them. Both hold a pair of binoculars while talking on the phone.

“We had a trip planned last March, to which Scott was going to ask me a very important question...so I’m very much looking forward to Scott and I being able to finally travel, where he can ask me in a very romantic manner what my favorite color is.”

Of course, she is jokingly alluding to an impending marriage proposal.

May God bless them with peace and continued joy as they wait to reunite, and may God bless those who are at home with their loved ones with the same joy and peace. For those living alone without anyone, may God fill them with patience and peace as they wait to meet people of their own.

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