Mama Duck Plays Adorable Game Of Hide And Seek With Ducklings

Mama Duck Plays Adorable Game Of Hide And Seek With Ducklings

Watch this mama duck play an adorable game of hide and seek with her ducklings.

You never know what kinds of fun games animals might be playing out there in their natural habitats. They could be playing when we don’t even recognize it! But this game looks very familiar to most people — and it’s not duck duck goose.

This little family of ducks looks like they’re playing hide and seek. Or maybe even peek-a-boo! Either way, it’s absolutely adorable. Thank goodness someone noticed and caught it on camera!

At the beginning, you may think you’re just looking at a cute duck family, but then mama duck disappears! The ducklings seem to freak out a bit like, “Where’d mom go?! She was just here!”

I was just as surprised because I didn’t realize that ducks swam underwater! Sure, they dunk their heads and such, but where did she go?!

As the ducklings anxiously look at the water around them, mama pops up a few feet away. You can almost feel their relief as they scurry their little tail feathers over and surround her. I imagine them saying, “Thank goodness mama! We missed you! We were so worried!”

Just as they get comfortable, mama duck disappears into the water again. Oh no!

Again, the ducklings look around at the water with their heads quickly looking from side to side. They still haven’t caught on to their mama’s game. I kind of feel bad, but it’s probably part of them growing up!

The cutest part is how they swim into a clump when mama duck disappears. Maybe they think they’re stronger together — a bunch of nervous baby ducks in a group equals one full-sized, confident duck. Right?

Mama pops above the water again a few feet away. The ducklings quickly leave their clump to swim in a line back to their mama’s side. I can’t get over these little fluffy balls of feathers!

Hopefully, they catch on to mama’s game soon and can have just as much fun as she’s having!

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