9-Year-Old Vocalist Victory Brinker Earns First-Ever 5-Way Golden Buzzer

9-Year-Old Vocalist Victory Brinker Earns First-Ever 5-Way Golden Buzzer

9-year-old vocalist, Victory Brinker, earns the first-ever 5-way Golden Buzzer after her jaw-dropping audition on America’s Got Talent.

What’s more impressive than an amazing singing audition? An amazing singing audition from a kid. At only 9 years old, this little girl blew the judges away with her angelic voice. You HAVE to hear it!

Right before she took the stage, a bird flew across the theatre and Simon said, “That must be a lucky sign!” Well, little did he know…

Victory traveled from Pennsylvania to sing for the judges. Her mom shared that her daughter sings all the time at home and that her dream for years was to sing for the judges on America’s Got Talent. Don’t think her dream could’ve turned out any better!

During an interview, Victory said, “When I’m singing, it makes me feel happy, happy, and happy!” TOO CUTE. She told Terry Crews that she really wanted four yesses and thought she could win the whole thing.

You can tell that she’s just having the time of her life even just being at the audition. Her mom said, “I am beyond proud of Victory, and I hope that all of her dreams come true.” That’s really all a mom could want for her child. We hope Victory’s dreams come true too!

When she walks onto the stage to introduce herself, she seems kind of shy and nervous. But her personality showed a little when Simon asked what she would do with the prize money. “I would buy Simon a rainbow shirt that has glitter on it!” We agree — he really should spice up his wardrobe!

All she told them was that she would sing for them and then belts out beautiful opera! All of the judges look shocked — you would have no idea this mature, angelic sound could come from a 9-year-old!

The audience and judges fell in love with her. So much, that Simon called Terry to the judge’s table so they could all press the Golden Buzzer at the same time.

Even though this is just the beginning, Victory is definitely victorious! Bless you on your road ahead in the competition. Everyone already loves you, Victory!

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