Brother's Heartwarming Serenade To Little Sister Melts Hearts

Brother's Heartwarming Serenade To Little Sister Melts Hearts

A young man’s heartwarming and moving actions have melted hearts everywhere as he lovingly serenades his little sister, holding her hand as he does so. 

Disagreement is a part of life. It’s inevitable that at some point during your life, you’ll encounter someone who does not agree with you on every single issue and topic. For most people, that’s a daily occurrence. But instead of letting petty differences wreck your entire day or destroy relationships, most can work through them and agree to disagree.

However, anyone with children knows that when siblings disagree on something, it can be as if the entire world is ending. The most minor, most insignificant matter can become a matter of life and death. Children will fight, scream and cry to get their way during an argument or disagreement with their brother or sister.

However, as parents also know, when siblings, especially young ones, show one another genuine love and affection, mom and dad must cherish those few instances. They don’t come around very often. 

A clip posted on social media captures an older brother sweetly serenading his little sister as he holds her hands and looks into her eyes. 

Bruno Mars’ “Count on Me” starts playing, and the young man begins singing along. He leans over and takes his sleeping sister’s hand. She eventually wakes up but is not angry about having her slumber disrupted. Instead, she meets his gaze and silently looks on as her older sibling sings to her.

However, as sweet as the young man’s actions, the little girl makes the video. Near the end of the clip, as the brother continues his performance, the little girl looks at him and gives him a head nod as if to say, “Right back at you.”

It's evident that despite any disagreements or whatever may transpire between those two, there is a lot of love. That is a bond that will last forever between those two siblings. 

Proverbs 17:17 “A friend is loving at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”

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