Young Woman's Remarkable Recovery Ends In Victory After Fall During Race

Young Woman's Remarkable Recovery Ends In Victory After Fall During Race

One young woman’s remarkable recovery ended in victory after tripping and falling during a race.

Life is a series of often unexplainable and unpredictable ups and downs. Some situations and circumstances will throw your entire world into chaos, and you won’t see them coming. Many of these instances will be immensely painful, resulting in terrible grief and heartache. Some may even feel that they can't go on any longer. 

As painful as it may be, and even though life can and will cause you to stumble and fall, knocking you down, giving up is never an option. Persevering through those trying times and hardships is the only way. We never know what’s on the other side and how God will use that trial to bring about good in your life and those of others.

A clip posted on social media shows a young lady participating in the 100-meter hurdles race during a track meet. The short, 15-second clip begins with her way out in front of the pack, as she easily moves over the hurdles.

But then she encounters trouble. As she continues the race, her foot clips one of the hurdles, causing her to tumble forward, sending her face-first into the next hurdle. 

However, the young woman doesn’t stay down long. She immediately gathers herself, gets back up and continues running and jumping over the hurdles. 

Despite her fall, she perseveres, finishes and actually ends up winning the race. 

In that short 15-second clip, that young lady demonstrated a ton of character and a refusal to give up when things became difficult, which literally sent her to the ground. We’d all be much better if we had that level of tenacity and perseverance during life’s trials and hardships.

We really never know what may happen and what God will do if we keep going and don’t give up. 

1 Corinthians 9:24 “Do you not see that in a running competition, all take park, but only one gets the reward? So let your minds be fixed on the reward.”

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