Turkey's Sweet Reaction To Seeing Sunlight For The First Time

Turkey's Sweet Reaction To Seeing Sunlight For The First Time

A turkey had a funny but sweet reaction to seeing sunlight and experiencing the outdoors for the first time.

There isn’t much better in this world than stepping outside in the sunshine and getting fresh air. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when standing outside on a gorgeous spring day. The clear blue skies, the warm sunshine on our faces and the light breeze are simple but powerful and visible signs of God’s love and blessings in our lives.

Who else but an all-powerful and loving God would allow us to enjoy something so simple but wonderful? We all take those kinds of days for granted. We don’t miss them until winter when they are gone for three to four months at a time. 

But how would someone react if they had never experienced a perfect spring day? How would we describe such a day to someone who had never experienced sunshine or even seen the sun before? 

Well, a clip posted on YouTube captured a turkey’s first moments outside. The turkey, hilariously named Kevin, took its first steps outside and seemed utterly amazed at that big, warm yellow circle in the sky.

A woman behind the camera asks the clearly befuddled animal what it thinks about the sun. The animal then turns its head sideways as it takes in this brand-new experience. 

Rescued from a slaughterhouse, Kevin starts to warm up to his new surroundings and takes a few more steps outside. The bird soon discovers that green item that magically sprouts up out of the ground, grass. A few moments later, Kevin decides to find out how grass tastes. 

Animals are fascinating creatures. They are much more intelligent and aware of their surroundings than most people would like to admit. Kevin immediately sensed something was different and was incredibly cautious as he took in this entirely new experience and location.

Proverbs 12:10 “An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel.”

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