Kind Woodworker Constructs Home for Stray Cat

Enjoy this YouTube video about a kind woodworker who constructed a beautiful home for a stray cat. The craftsman’s generosity and sincerity are truly heartwarming! 

The gentleman’s name is Barna, and he is a hobby woodworker who happened to notice a skinny cat hanging out around his home. He set out a food dish and hoped the cat would help himself. Initially, the kitty ate nothing, but after several days of putting out food, he began to eat. 

Soon, Barna had named the stray Domino, and the weather was becoming cold. With the winds and rain picking up, Barna decided he ought to build a shelter for Domino. And that is exactly what he did! 

Trimmed in white, the red cat condo is equipped with a heating pad, a light, and a camera. The house has a little porch-like landing pad and two small entryways. It is luxurious! Domino watched Barna as he built the house, and he was ready on that first night to get some serious sleep—probably much more than a cat nap! 

Domino enjoyed the house most nights during the winter, and he made a friend. A black female cat was enjoying Domino’s company a great deal; they played together, and it appeared to be “love” to Barna. So, Barna built a bigger home for the couple!

A two-story, light blue version of the first, there was now room for several from the local cat community to crash overnight. Again, that’s exactly what happened. While Domino’s best buddy prefers a spot she’s found in one of the backyard trees, there are four or five cats that enjoy the two houses Barna carefully crafted. 

Barna was never trying to tame the cats. Instead, he just wanted them to feel safe. He said, “It’s just really gratifying to be able to make a positive impact on their lives.” 

Wow! Without an agenda or expectations, Barna used his skills and his time to address a need. The world would be a better place if we all met people where they are, observed the needs that exist, and used our gifts and resources to make lives better!

Thank you, Barna, for such an outstanding example! 

“She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy.” Proverbs 31:20 

Source: The Dodo

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