Casting Crowns


'The Bridge' Casting Crowns Visual Album - Christian Music Videos

The Casting Crowns visual album has landed and it all kicks off with part one, ‘The Bridge.’ The award-winning worship band is the first Christian artist or band to release a concept video for every song on their album. Utilizing twelve tracks, each video will continue the story from the last. Before you watch this introduction, be sure to check out the prequel ‘Only Jesus’ ( “But knowing just how far You came for me Gives me hope for every soul I meet There's no one so far gone that You can't reach So reach through me Let them see, Lord, let them see” As the video opens, we meet a young couple moving into a home together in 1969. We see images of the duo putting their own personal touches on the property, including placing a cross on the wall. This couple ensures that God is at the forefront of their relationship and that He leads them along their journey. “Your love is the bridge You built with a cross And Your truth is the light That searches for the lost Your grace won't stop reaching Your mercy won't let go 'Cause Your love is the bridge And Your truth leads us home, oh You lead us home, oh” The final scene has the husband and wife learning some big news. Now, their whole world is about to change in an incredible way. Part two of this visual album will continue the story of this Godly couple and their journey through life.