'You Keep Hope Alive' Mandisa And Jon Reddick

'You Keep Hope Alive' Mandisa And Jon Reddick

In this encouraging video, Mandisa and Jon Reddick sing ‘You Keep Hope Alive’ along with a few other uplifting Christian worship songs.

“Days may be darkest, but Your light is greater
You light our way, God You light our way
When evil is rising, You’re rising higher, with power to save, with power to save
You keep hope alive, You keep hope alive, from the beginning to end, Your word never fails”

Throughout the beautiful melodies in this video, Mandisa and Jon also sing ‘Nothing But The Blood of Jesus’ and ‘I Need Thee Every Hour.’ Towards the end of the medley, the artists also sing ‘Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord’ before Mandisa starts to pray.

“God, I pray that scales would fall off of eyes. I pray for people who have had a perspective their entire lives. I pray this over Jon and me,” Mandisa prays while the music continues to play. “We’ve seen things one way our entire lives, and as you are peeling away the layers, as you are giving us new wineskins, I see you taking the scales from off of our eyes. To see things, to see You, to see ourselves with new eyes. I pray that the eyes of our hearts would be enlightened in order that we may know the hope to which you have called us.”

These two worship singers, Mandisa and Jon, shine such a bright light and glorify God through their talents.

“I just want to be a conduit to help people reconcile themselves with God and each other,” Jon says. “I want to bring people together. I consider it an honor and a privilege to get to lead people in the transparency of worship.”

May these two continue to use their voices to uplift others and share their passion for God through their music.

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