Children's Sermon on MAtthew 16:21-28

Children's Sermon on MAtthew 16:21-28

In this children's message, based on Matthew 16:21-28, children will hear some challenging words from Jesus regarding the cost of discipleship. The message describes the life and goals of an athlete to consider what it means to work hard for something. It is better to have Jesus than worldly treasures that pass away. Ultimately, He sacrificed everything for us! We already have the greatest reward, if we will only take hold of it.

Main Objective: This message aims to communicate to kids the importance of living our lives for God. Everyone chases after something, and many work hard to attain things that really don’t last. In this lesson, we will see that Jesus gave it all so that we could have it all: not worldly riches, but the blessings of eternal life with Him.
Law/Gospel Theme: Sometimes when we discuss the idea of sacrificing things for God, it makes it seem as though we are earning our way into Heaven, or somehow doing enough to attain favor with Christ. The truth is, though, that Jesus paid the sacrifice. We recognize that He has already done the hard work, and that living in light of that is better than chasing after temporary pleasures.
Optional Materials / Object Lesson Props: Pictures of famous athletes, particularly Olympians and/or medals/trophies.
Bible Passage: Matthew 16:21-28

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