A Message Of Reflection Repentance For Lent

A Message Of Reflection  Repentance For Lent

Taken from the book of Joel, this mini-movie provides a message for the season of Lent which has us remembering the Lord's sacrifice. It reminds us to come to God like Jesus, with fasting and weeping. Amen <3

Lent: Reflection And Repentance
By Hyper Pixels Media

Based on Joel 2:12-13, this mini-movie will encourage your congregation to return to the Lord with reflection and repentance, during the season of Lent. Our Heavenly Father is merciful and compassionate. During Lent, we should come to the Lord in the same way Jesus did in the Garden, with fasting and weeping. During Lent, we remember His sacrifice and give back, because He gave all.

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