Emotional Police Dog Audition Leaves Simon Cowell In Tears

Emotional Police Dog Audition Leaves Simon Cowell In Tears

Policeman Dave brought Simon Cowell to tears with his emotional dog audition on Britain’s Got Talent.

Dave and his former service dog, Finn, were partners for seven years. They developed a bond like no other and, now, they are sharing that unique relationship with the crowd on the popular talent competition.

First, Dave and Finn show off their ‘magical’ skills with a mind-reading skit. Judge David Walliams is asked to write a word down on a piece of paper. Then, he shows the word to Finn. Somehow, Finn’s human knows exactly what the word is. But this isn’t the truly awe-inspiring part of the audition.

A video plays and we learn that Dave nearly lost his life a few years ago on patrol. A man with a knife tried to stab Dave, but Finn leaped in front of his human.

Finn was gravely injured and there were doubts if he would pull through. But thankfully, the amazing veterinarian team helped Finn make a full recovery. Now, this hero police dog is retired from the service, but he’s still showing off his talents like never before.

As the video shared their emotional story, judge Simon Cowell and host Ant couldn’t hold back the tears. As this showcase of bravery was revealed, everyone was completely moved. Dave and Finn are more than just a fun audition.

They are truly a duo with an unbreakable bond. These two easily earned 4 yeses from the judges and will move on to the next round of competition. They’ve already won over the hearts of Britain, but can they take the trophy home too?

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