Father's Delivery Turns Highway Into Birthplace

These days, fathers are often right by their wives’ sides, providing a supportive role in the birthing of their children. But one Kansas father went the extra mile, helping his wife deliver their baby all alone. This couple inadvertently turned a stretch of highway into his baby’s birthplace.

There are approximately forty weeks to plan the entry of a new life into this world. Doctors and hospitals are established and ready. Additionally, parents-to-be have studied and prepared for those critical, magical moments when their child makes his appearance.

Alas, things don’t always work out as planned. Check out Inside Edition’s report about two babies determined to give their parents a little scare—and great birth stories to share! 

The video first features a Kansas dad who helped momma bring their sweet baby into the world. Captured by the Miami County, Kansas Sheriff’s Deputy’s bodycam, we see police officers approach the man by his parked car on the side of the highway. 

When greeted, Dad proudly shares the good news, “I just delivered my baby.” The officers confirm that the baby is breathing as the man removes his shirt to wrap around the newborn. Dad is on top of it!

Inside Edition next introduces a couple whose baby came a bit early on the side of Interstate 287 in Somerset County, New Jersey. State Troopers arrived to find Mom in labor and on hands and knees beside the car. Within just a couple of minutes, the officers delivered the baby, even untangling the infant’s umbilical cord that had wrapped around his neck. The couple named the lucky little guy “Jack.” 

While the Kansas first responders didn’t get to deliver the baby in this instance, they surely would have done a great job—just as the New Jersey troopers did. But their “congratulations” and fist pump to the delivering dad probably meant a great deal!

Thankfully, both deliveries turned out just fine. However, if this indicates things to come, our Kansas and New Jersey couples may have their hands full!   

“May your father and mother rejoice; may she who gave you birth be joyful!” Proverbs 23:25

Source: Inside Edition

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