Scott Hamilton Opens Up About How Faith Guided Him Through Cancer Fight

On the heels of the 40th Anniversary of his 1984 Olympic gold medal win, figure skating legend, Scott Hamilton, explains how his faith has guided him through his cancer fight. 

Scott Hamilton began his battle with cancer in 1997. He recounts his cancer journey with Jennifer Hudson in this clip from his appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show

When asked how he’s feeling, the 65-year-old olympian jokes, “I’ve never been this old before.” Then, he goes on to say “It’s great.” Scott shares that his first cancer diagnosis, which was testicular cancer, came in 1997. 

After surviving the first bout, Scott was again struck with cancer in 2004—two years after marrying wife Tracie Robinson in 2002. This time, he had a brain tumor, and a biopsy revealed that he’d been born with it. According to Scott, it was this episode that really “ignited” his faith. 

In an interview with People, Scott shared that Tracie inspired him to form a deeper relationship with God, saying, “When you’re skating in front of millions, you pray. When you’re diagnosed with cancer, you pray. But when we started going to church together, it connected the dots for me. I knew all the things that had happened to me weren’t accidental.”      

When the cancer returned in 2010, Scott had 9 surgeries to treat the benign tumor. However, when doctors found yet another benign tumor in 2016, Scott chose not to treat the tumor with the surgical or medical options presented. This time, in his words, he elected to “go home” and “get strong.” 

Scott jokes that he had to “negotiate” his high school diploma. In the same way that choosing “all of the above” may result in being at least a little right, Scott explains that he figured he’d try to get healthy in lots of ways—physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. That’s just what he did!

When he returned to the doctor next, his tumor had not grown. When he returned 3 months after that, it had shrunk by 45%! Scott’s surgeon offered only one explanation for the size reduction. God!

In the years since, Scott’s tumor has shrunk and grown, grown and shrunk, but he has decided to quit thinking about it. Eight years after making that decision, Scott says that he’s never been stronger in his faith and never been stronger emotionally or intellectually. He reports that he has a great quality of life, and Jennifer calls him a “walking testimony.”

The father of four lost his mother to cancer 47 years ago. After going through that, he became a fundraiser, but when he was diagnosed 20 years after her death, he became an activist. He says his mother never had an opportunity for survival, but the work and research of two scientists in Indiana have made it possible for Scott to live many years beyond his initial diagnosis. 

Scott founded CARES (Cancer Alliance for Research Education and Survivorship). The organization is dedicated to the future of cancer, which Mr. Hamilton believes is in immunotherapy. With tears in his eyes, he shares that on the night of his 40th-anniversary celebration, he was able to announce that the research program for the type of cancer that killed his mother will now go into clinical trials! 

Scott Hamilton has persevered to use his talent, faith, and platform to live the best life he can for his own family and to make the lives of so many other families better!

“I persevered in demonstrating among you the marks of a true apostle, including signs, wonders, and miracles.” 2 Corinthians 12:12 


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