National ADHD ASD Social Anxiety Summer Social Skills Camp

Summer or Winter adventure based social skills camp is in the Orlando area and is for students that may lack assertion, poor self esteem, low self confidence or have social skills issues with their peer group. Students have traveled from Central, South America, the Caribbean, and all over the United States for this Social Skills Camp.

This Social Skills Summer Camp is great for students with:

Low Self-Confidence or Self-Esteem
Anxiety – To Help Face and Overcome their Fears
Social Anxiety – Build Social Confidence
ADHD or ADD – 60% of ADHD students are behind socially so we help close the social gap!
Aspergers or Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – High Functioning

As all of these diagnoses tend to be behind socially by showing some or all of the following social delays.

Doesn’t recognize non-verbal cues
Gets in peers personal space
Annoys to get attention because they do not know how to get it another way
Low self confidence
Poor eye contact
Only interested in themselves rather than taking an interest in their peers
Talks too much
Lacks assertion
Impulsive or blurts out responses
Tries too hard to make friends laugh – thinks humor will make them friends
Reacts to teasing and does not know how to roll with conflict
Has a need for justice and fairness and judges peers
Isolates or withdraws from peers
Always wants to be first or wants to play what they want
Kids do not call for play dates

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