5-Year-Old's Genius Shoe Tying Trick Goes Viral

5-Year-Old's Genius Shoe Tying Trick Goes Viral

One smart boy is going viral for his amazing shoe tying trick. There is no doubt that children are truly a blessing from God.

There is nothing sweeter than watching children interact with the world around them. Kids have the ability to see the world through a completely different set of eyes than adults. They are full of innocence and wonder.

Children can see problems and solutions in an entirely new way and that’s exactly what it happening with little Colton. Colton has been working on tying his shoelaces. This is a skill that takes most kids a lot of practice to get perfect. But Colton figured out a genius hack that has the whole Internet talking.

In the video, Colton’s mom holds the camera as he demonstrates this mind-blowing trick. First, he puts on his shoes and inserts each shoelace into the hole on the side to form a loop. Then, he crosses the laces and one goes underneath. He repeats the process. Finally, he removes the laces from the holes to reveal a perfect double-knot.

Colton said that a friend at school showed him the trick and, now, he’s sharing the helpful hack with everyone. This incredible shoe-tying trick has garnered so much attention across social media. In fact, it’s been viewed over 40 million times.

I’m sure this video has helped so many other children learn how to tie their shoes in a quick and effortless way. What did you think of Colton and his creative shoelace tutorial?

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