1st reading: Luke 22:1-71

2nd reading: Luke 22:1-6

Topic: Don't let your praise betray you...

If you don't know who Jesus is, you really need to find out who He is.
A lot of people are selling out and just using the Bible like a cafeteria menu, picking and choosing in theBbible to fit the wrong that you are doing and want to do in your life. Our love of God needs to be sincere. You can be the minster in the church, be a deacon or even the pastor and still don't have Christ in you. When temptations or afflictions come in your life you betray Jesus, and betray your praise. We sell out for money. You have betrayed your faith in Christ Jesus. When people offer you stuff. The world is trying to deceive you. Tell you lies. When you go out there in the world and cussing or doing wrong things after you were in church praising God you are betraying God. Nero blamed the Christians for his issues.
No one in history denies that Jesus was here.. Joseph of Arimathea's tomb is where Jesus' body was laid, and after 3 days He rose. There is no one to disprove that He didn't rise from the dead. Everything on Christ Jesus is based on facts. We forget what God has done for us and betray God.

Luke 22:1-6
Luke 17:5
Matthew 8:26
Psalms 113:1-3
Psalms 150:1
Psalms 149:1-4
Matthew 24:9-10
Matthew 26:14-15
2 Timothy 3:1-6
Matthew 27:46-47

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