Pentagon sells arms to Saudi Arabia, UAE (Second Coming Watch Update #416)

1. According to The Jerusalem Post, the Pentagon has said that it plans a large arms sale to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates worth $10.8 billion.

2. According to Ynet News, Israel is becoming increasingly worried about domestic terror attacks.

3. According to AFP, a top Iraqi official said Thursday that Baghdad had begun receiving arms from Russia under a historic $4.3-billion deal it signed last year.

4. According to the Christian Science Monitor, opposing sides in Syria's grueling civil war are girding for the opening of a key battlefront in the coming weeks.

5. According to CBN News, a new survey from the Family Research Council and Liberty Institute shows that hostility against Christian Americans is growing at an alarming rate.

Philippians 3:20 // George Sweeting // // @SecondComingH //

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