Egypt’s Christians see hope in court’s decision to dissolve parliament (Second Coming Watch Update #135)

Egypt's Christians see hope in court's decision to dissolve parliament. According to Compass Direct News, Christians in Egypt welcomed the court decision to dissolve the Islamist-controlled parliament due to election irregularities.

Summit confirms that six federal agencies are working on biometric identification. According to Business Wire, the Biometrics & Identity Management Summit which will take place this august and is hosted by the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement is the only conference of its kind anywhere in the world.

Chaldean bishop pleads for protection of Christians in Iraq. According to, on behalf of Iraq's dwindling Christian population, Chaldean Auxiliary Bishop Shle-mon War-du-ni of Baghdad called upon U.S. ministers to press the Obama administration to take steps to protect religious rights in the Middle Eastern country.

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