"LOVE 101" Movie Trailer

The Bible tells an amazing love story of Jacob, Leah and Rachel. Leah, an average looking girl, was the wife of Jacob, mother of six of twelve tribes. Jacob married Leah by being tricked by her father. Jacob made a deal with her father to marry Leah and work for seven years in order to marry the woman he really loved -- Leah's beautiful sister Rachel. Jacob eventually married Rachel and who after several years was unable to conceive, finally birthed two sons - Joseph and Benjamin. This story of Love, Envy, Temptation and sibling rivalry has been adapted into a modern day film LOVE 101.

LOVE 101 sets this intriguing biblical love story in a modern day high school with a cast of young, naive classmates on a quest to find out what Love really is.

Leah, a young teenage girl, thinks she is in love with fellow high school senior, Jacob. The big problem is that Jacob is dating Leah's younger sister Rachel. Rachel (the popular cheerleader) and Leah (quiet, shy and gothic) couldn't be more different. One day Jacob mistakenly notices Leah after a mix up on an internet chat site then Leah deliberately changes her clothing style to be more like her younger sister.

Joseph (the new kid in school) spends most of his time involved in activities with the church youth group instead of sports and parties like most teenage guys his age. But, temptation is thrown his way by the over-flirty teenage girl in his class who is out to see if Joseph practices everything he preaches.