The Proof of Prophecy pt. 1- the Bible foretells the future!

Thirty percent of the Bible is prophetic; this video presents a few examples. To fully appreciate biblical prophecy, one must have sound knowledge of history, current events, and scripture.<br />
Check these links out:<br />
Hundreds of fulfilled prophecies by Yeshua:<br /><br />
The amazing mathematical odds of Him fulfilling them:<br /><br />
Historical prophecies fulfilled in the Bible:<br /><br />
<br />
<br />
The Bible foretells the future with 100% accuracy. Atheists-this is not just people 'trying to fulfill' the prophecies, but it is the truth unnatural events coming to pass as the Bible foretold. It shows the Great Creator God who dwells outside of time who wrote His inspired word to guide us. Those who seek the truth shall find it, though it be a narrow road.<br />
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**Also, Jeremiah 16 is a better verse to show the 2nd Exodus. When I used Isaiah 11 I was using it as a type of the 2nd exodus from the nations, even though that one refers primarily to the final complement of both houses being reunited in the millennium.<br />
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**As a side note. The vid. of Yeshua/Jesus where He is on the cross in this video is simply given as an illustration of the event to give you the idea that yes, it was a real event and He died for you. But Hollywood wasn't there when it happened, and their representation of Him having long hair is most likely off, as 1 Cor. 11:14 shows. But those who took the Nazarite vow had long hair, they didn't cut it, but that was for a short time. Also, if it was longer (Nazarite look) it would have been tied back severely, or worn in a similar fashion as the Nazarite custom demanded -- on top of his head. The moral of the story is that men should hav

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