The BURNNIE Show Christy Creams Segment for Over and Over episode on recycling

Emmy Nominated Television Series ... The BURNNIE Show

Each episode takes the viewer through the daily triumphs, trials, and tribulations of being "BURNNIE."
BURNNIE makes many mistakes with humorous results as he learns life lessons and tackles the general
ups and downs of growing up.

The BURNNIE Show, one rabbit puppet and a live cast, is a children's television series about BURNNIE T. Bunnie, magic shop employee, learning a new character building lesson each episode through hare-larious adventures. Each episode is "lightly seasoned" with a faith based message. The faith based inclusion is interdenominational using a Bible verse as the basis of the character building message.  For example:  BURNNIE's Birthday / 1 Peter . . . "Show proper respect to everyone."    The verse is mentioned several times throughout the program.  

Each 30 minute episode focuses on specific traits such as respect, telling the truth, self concept etc.  One puppet character, BURNNIE, and a cast of live a

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