Selah - Hope Of The Broken World

The title song from Selah's 2011 album. Written by the fabulous Jennie Lee Riddle ("Revelation Song"), with beautiful music supplied by Carl Cartee. Shortly after God created a perfect world, chaos ensued, and the world became broken after the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. But God was there offering restoration. Throughout history the chaos and brokenness has continued, and all along God has still been there to offer restoration, and He always will be there. Jennie's personal story behind this song explains that she intended for the song not only to be about the restoration of individuals, but also about the restoration of mankind. My video doesn't really address that other aspect, it focuses on the restoration of individuals. But maybe that's how it all starts. As more and more individuals become restored, they reach out and lead others down that path of restoration. Hopefully one day there will be a snowballing groundswell and mankind will indeed be restored.

Thank you Jennie f

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