Faithful Friend

Faithful Friend

I wrote this in 2008.

Father, today I failed so miserably
I promised You I’d never go back there again
I’m here at Your feet, all alone, just me
I fear that the fight for the joy I should feel is too great.

You are here in this valley, in the darkness of the night
When the battle’s been long and I feel I’m ready to faint
In You I am strongest and I will endure
Though the world may crash down I will stand in You
My faithful Friend.

Some days when I feel that life is just too much
I remember from You it takes just one small touch
To cleanse me of my diseases and take my sins away
So here I come, Father, back to You again.

I ask You, Jesus, please give me peace
I know I’m forgiven; still help me to strive for the best
This life’s a waste without You, so take it, make it Yours
After all of the battles it’s You I still adore

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