Epiphany 2012 Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem

If good and Godly news is to be shared, it would be best, I believe, to be shared from Bethlehem, the place where the Prince of Peace” “born every year”, to remind us all that without Peace, “HIM”, there is always a missing ingredient in the formula and the equation that ultimately lead to a tasteless and worthless existence.
This is the first time that three choirs joined their God-given gifts, talents, to celebrate Epiphany in the Holiest Church in the world, "The Nativity Church" in the Holy Land, a land that cries unto God for a swift cessation to hostilities between two people that have one common and shared foundation-They are the "offspring of Abraham". May the unity between choirs here on earth bring blessing from heaven that would lead to a universal unity among us all. Amen?

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