Pentecostals Of Henderson,TN./Miracle/Gary Ashcraft Min.

Pentecostals Of Henderson,TN./Miracle/Gary Ashcraft Min.

Why is it that so many times we believe God can save other people but He can’t save me? We can believe He can heal other people but he can’t heal me. We can believe He can work miracles and do wonders for everyone else, but not for ourselves.

The beautiful thing is, we are told in the Bible that God is no respecter of

person’s. Peter said in Acts if He will do it for me, He will do it for you.

You can have a miracle in your life no matter who you are! God is a miracle working God who will work a miracle for you.

Just recently a gentleman told of being in a revival meeting with Gary Ashcraft. He said when the preacher came over to him and began to minister he felt skeptical. Now he made it clear he wasn’t skeptical of what God could do nor was he skeptical of God working through him. He was skeptical of God actually healing him.

It all started in the year 2004. He sustained an injury which resulted in a

compression of vertebrae. Since that time he had to go to the doctor every week to get an epidural in his spine and to also get shots for the pain. This was a requirement in order to just get by, just to be able to function in life. On this day of the revival as the Evangelist touched his back, without being told, in the exact spot where the injury was, he felt a “warmness” in his back. He realized then it had to be a touch from God.

Still doubt assailed him. Not doubting that God could heal, but doubting that God would heal him. In fact he refused to tell anybody that he had been healed although the pain was gone. After a two week period he told his wife he had been healed. He finally went and told his pastor that he had been healed. There was not more pain in his back. He didn’t have to take the pain shots or the epidurals, God had healed his back!

Few months later the Evangelist returned to the Church to minister

again. Upon seeing the Evangelist e

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