Pt 2-Restoration of New Covenant Priesthood

In Part 2 of the Restoration of the New Covenant Priesthood, Apostle JoAnne identifies the 12 ingredients of the holy, invisible and spiritual Altar of Christ, which the whole stones of truth that comprise the Doctrine of Christ, the very Foundation of Truth that is set in the heart from office of the masterbuilder - the apostles. We are now in an hour where the Church is being drawn in by the prosperity gospels that tempt the soul to sin by provoking God with the imagination, but also in this hour the Lord is calling out the Church, to come out of these vain gospels and come into the true refuge of Christ and take on the holy robes of His priesthood and learn how to minister to God by the powerful and simple tools of the New Covenant. In this teaching Apostle JoAnne directs the Church with apostolic precision to the distinctions of grace, faith, righteousness, justification, sanctification, peace, rest, charity, truth, regeneration and the renewing of the mind and shows in an overview how these 12 elements of Christ's Foundation bring the soul into the joy and fullness of His salvation on a daily basis. Christians are truly liberated and delievered into His peace as they experinence His promises of Life upon their soul through this simple and easy service from the holy lips and holy hands of His holy priests. Great hope is ahead for the power and glory of the Church as she makes this Great Transition back to the purity of the New Covenant pattern of Christ for faith and unity in Him. May your hearts hear the voice of God's grace and be quickened to Christ for this hour of restoration. A full, FREE education to the Foundation of Truth and the Priesthood of Christ is available at the Apostles' Center International School of Ministry

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