Adorable Toddler Gives His Father The Sweetest Greetings

Adorable Toddler Gives His Father The Sweetest Greetings

An adorable toddler gives his father the sweetest greetings upon arriving home.

The Lord shows His love and care in the many ways He touches and impacts our lives. One of those ways involves giving us children. Being a parent is easily one of the biggest blessings someone can experience in life. Your life will never be the same after children and it will forever be better because of them. 

There is nothing like being a mother or a father and watching your child learn, grow, and literally explore what is a whole new world for them. It pains most parents to spend any amount of time away from their child. Some parents likely race home as fast as possible at every workday's conclusion to have more time with their young ones.

Likewise, children adore their parents. Most cannot wait again for their mom and dad to join them back home. One social media video shows a toddler running to the door to greet his father after work. 

The young man rushes to the door each time he hears his dad unlocking it. Once Dad walks into the room, his tiny child is there to greet him with outreached arms and a smile on his face.

The video text states that the toddler, 17-month-old Zion, reacts this way every single time he hears his father entering the house!

Every parent would love to walk into their house and see their child this excited to see them. Seeing one’s child so overwhelmingly happy and joyful to see their mother or father would instantly melt away all the worries and concerns of that day.

While these may be simple and quick interactions with his young son, these are cute and precious moments that the father in the video will cherish for the rest of his life. 

What a precious sight!

Psalm 103:13 “As a father has pity on his children, so the Lord has pity on his worshippers.”

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