This video speaks to an epidemic of lonliness we have witnessed in our contemporary culture over the past two decades. A year ago, a pastor friend of mine asked me to help him with a sermon illustrating this song with video .
The songwriter who performs the song, Kevin Prosch, once commented in concert he had been invited to play in many secular stages throughout Europe and whenever he performed this song the reaction was exactly the same; an awkward silence: as if people weren't sure how to proceed having suddenly recognized something hiding deep inside yet just below the mask which had suddenly been revealed in daylight. Perhaps more stunning was this was the exact same reaction he received playing it in multitudes of church concerts as well. While we may list a variety of reasons, the result most definetely points to the obvious, we are less better off focusing on self fulfillment than when higher morales of unselfish devotion ruled society. 'Throwing the baby out with the bath water' so to speak has yielded us a terribly deep hole to fall in.

I was given many of the photos from my friend for this project from his online sources, and have forgotten which artist I borrowed the pictures from, however thanks. The movie clips are from "Officer & A Gentleman.