Americas Crumbling Power

Welcome to Beginning of Sorrows � Part Two. The question on everyones mind is: Are we in the end times? Picking up on his message from Leviticus chapter 26 Apostle Eric preaches about the Great Reformation and how God is reforming mans thinking. With the fall of world markets and threat of nuclear power mans illusion of control are crumbling. The current financial downfall taking place in America will not be resolved and sorrow will increase. God is the one bringing economic instability to weaken the west because the west would resist the move of powers against Israel. In order for the man of sin to emerge and to be recognized as the resolver of troubles God has to create the scenario for the worlds need of him.<br />
<br />
Gods wake up call to the nations is also a wake up call to the church for judgment begins at the house of the Lord. This is the hour of temptation for the church. As God prepares the world to receive the Antichrist He is giving one last call to believers to come into covenant with Him.

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