Southern Raised Bluegrass 'Cotton Eye Joe' Bass Cover

Southern Raised Bluegrass 'Cotton Eye Joe' Bass Cover

Listen to this incredible bluegrass cover of ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ performed by Southern Raised that features its bass singer.

For over 10 years, Southern Raised was a band of four siblings, but recently, the oldest sister left the band to start a family with her new husband. Now, the multi-genre band includes sisters Lindsay and Emily, their brother Matt, and the new member, Alex.

Throughout the band’s career, it has won a bunch of awards and recognitions. That’s probably because all four of them are classically trained musicians. But their hearts obviously beat along to southern sounds! Southern Raised dabbles in Christian country, bluegrass, Celtic, and classical and even blends the genres together for a unique sound.

In this fun bluegrass cover of an iconic country folk song, these talented artists make you want to hop out of your seat to dance along — you’ve been warned! What’s even more perfect? They’re set in front of bales of hay in a barn!

‘Cotton Eye Joe’ first came out in the 1800s before the Civil War, but historians don’t know much more than that. Of course, the lyrics changed significantly throughout the years to the repetitive words we recognize now. What we do know is that there are plenty of different line dances to the song. So many that everyone reading this has probably seen or participated in one at a wedding or party!

You can’t read these lyrics without singing them. Try it.

If it hadn't been for Cotton-Eye Joe
I'd been married long time ago
Where did you come from, where did you go?
Where did you come from, Cotton-Eye Joe?

One of the most popular versions came out in 1985 by The Moody Brothers. It was even nominated for a Grammy Award.

Although our dancing may not be award-winning, this version by Southern Raised surely makes my top three covers of this classic song!

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