3 Men Sing Chilling Rendition Of “You Raise Me Up” On The Voice

That little continent down under delivers big with three fabulous male voices when they sing a chilling rendition of “You Raise Me Up” on The Voice Australia! They are phenomenal!

If you aren’t a fan of The Voice Australia already, this performance is sure to make you one. Or perhaps you will be keeping an eye on these three men as their individual careers develop. 

The performers are, in order of appearance as they sing Josh Groban’s beautiful and inspiring song, Andrew Taylor Knight, Callum Warrender, and Alex Jeans. They are competing against one another here in “the battles,” and it’s overwhelming to consider making a decision about a winner!

Watch the judges as they find themselves blown away by the giant voices of the three singers. This year’s panel includes a new face. Jason Derulo has replaced Keith Urban to join Rita Ora, Guy Sebastian, and Jess Mauboy. Their reactions confirm what we amateurs are seeing.

At 1:05, we get a glimpse of Jason. Though not a group, all three guys are on his team, and he is spellbound as he studies his mentees. Check out Alex Jeans at 1:25! He belts out a note that has Rita Ora raising up out of her chair and Jason smiling with glee! Commenters applaud Alex for stepping out of his comfort zone on this operatic-type song. He’s a rocker on most days. Looks like he has a little range!

As the gentlemen near the end of their performance, Jason looks almost childlike, rocking back-and-forth in this seat. He’s blown away, and Jess has goosebumps on her arms. They are given a standing ovation, and, evidently, an interesting offer that we don’t see in the video.

Suggesting that the guys team up as a group, Guy questioned, “Separately, you are really unbelievable. Together as a group you are unstoppable; so, my question to you is: will the three of you as a unit join me for the semi-final?”  

Callum spoke on behalf of the three, saying, “The offer is so incredible, and it just warms our hearts that you even think that is a possibility....but together we have decided that we are singular artists. We believe in ourselves. We believe in our artistry enough separately that one of us still deserves a spot in that Semi-Final.”

That was a brave and bold decision to make. In the end, Callum was selected to move on in the competition, and Alex and Andrew were eliminated. However, we’re sure there will be plenty of opportunities for this trio of talented singers!

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11


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