Police Officer Saves Unresponsive 10-Month-Old With CPR In The Middle Of The Street

Police Officer Saves Unresponsive 10-Month-Old With CPR In The Middle Of The Street

Meet the Posen police officer who saved an unresponsive 10-month-old with CPR while in the middle of a busy street! This is one quick-thinking and heroic member of law enforcement!

The Chicago suburb of Posen, Illinois, includes the words peace, pride, and progress on their city’s website and on their police department’s logo. Detective Corporal Matthew Leveille is a member of the Posen police force, and it’s a safe bet that he demonstrates all three! 

He responded to a medical emergency with calmness and competency. But, instead of stopping bad guys on a recent day on the job, Detective Leveille was bringing a baby back to life!

Nathan Jimenez had fallen off of a bed at his family’s home and was being rushed to the hospital by his father, mother, and grandmother. However, as they started toward the hospital, they spotted the patrol car and flagged down Officer Leveille.  

Jumping from his car and rushing to help Baby Nathan, now limp and lifeless, Detective Leveille places the infant in his left hand and begins doing chest compressions with two fingers of his right hand. Within moments, little Nathan begins to breathe. 

It takes longer to calm Nathan’s terrified mother and grandmother, understandably frantic with fear. Within another beat or two, their precious baby begins to squall, proving that he is conscious! The ambulance arrives and takes Nathan, dwarfed by the long gurney, to the hospital.

Office Leveille told NBC 5 Chicago, “It’s one thing to train for this stuff and go through it in class, but when you’re actually able to do it, and the baby starts breathing again, it’s one of the most rewarding things.” 

After baby Nathan was released from the hospital, Detective Leveille and Posen’s Police Chief checked in with the family at their home and were thrilled to learn that the infant is indeed happy and healthy! Thankfully, Detective Leveille had just the skills needed in those critical, fateful moments—ones that will forever be remembered by all who were there!  

“Jesus performed many other signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book.” John 20:30

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