'Something To Say' Bill Gaither Live Performance

'Something To Say' Bill Gaither Live Performance

Listen to this lovely live performance of the song ‘Something To Say’ by Bill Gaither.

“Now I've heard some talkers and I've heard some teachers and I've heard some poets
And I've heard some preachers and I've sung along with some pretty good singers
And I've been in churches where the sweet Spirit lingers, but you've never lived
‘Till the words become true, ‘till forgiveness and mercy mean something to you”

In this music video, Bill Gaither is singing at the piano while others gather around him to listen to the performance. Then harmonies come in during the chorus and all of the voices sound so wonderful blended together

The video of ‘Something To Say’ by Bill Gaither was filmed live at Gaither Studios in Alexandria, Indiana last year. It is such a great song with a wonderful message. It reminds us that we sometimes have to go through tough things to have a strong testimony where mercy and forgiveness can be experienced.

“I will never tire of listening to the spirit-filled music of Bill and Gloria Gaither and friends!” comments one person on YouTube after watching the music video.

“Wow…. at a loss for words! Such a beautiful, peaceful song! So peaceful but such a powerful message!” writes another person online.

Throughout the years, Bill Gaither and his family have created such encouraging music and have shared it with the masses. And through it all, “the Gaithers look to their faith, lean on their friends, and continue to fill the world with music. Bill once wrote, ‘As long as God allows us to make music with a message, we’ll keep doing it.’”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Something To Say’ by Bill Gaither today. May the words of the song and the sweet melody bring you joy and encouragement as you go about your day.

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