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Gaither Vocal Band's Stirring Rendition of 'You're the Lion of Judah' - Christian Music Videos

This stunning performance of ‘You're the Lion of Judah’ by the Gaither Vocal band is an upbeat melody that is a prime example of what worshiping God looks like.

This YouTube video will have you raising your hands and singing along. The song is a memorable worship song that will remind you of who God is. 

Along with the five vocalists, the band uses drums, a guitar, a piano, and a recorder. The song has a Celtic feel to it in some parts, which adds to the beauty of the performance. 

The chorus is pretty powerful with the following lyrics, 

“And the angels will cry: 'Hail the Lamb

Who was slain for the world, Rule in power.'

And the earth will reply: 'You shall reign

As the King of all kings

And the Lord of all lords.'”

Those in the comments really enjoyed the performance. One commenter says, “Thank God for the Gaither's music, it's always soothing, uplifting and encouraging. The lady playing the flute is awesome!” and another, “I love this song and your beautiful rendition of it. I don't think I have ever heard it before. Thank you GVB you are a blessing !!” 

The Gaither Vocal Band is an American Southern Gospel vocal group which is named after Bill Gaither, the founder. The current band includes Reggie Smith, Wes Hampton, Bill Gaither, Todd Suttles, and Adam Crabb. The lineup has changed over the years, allowing different people to experience performing in the band. 

The original band was formed backstage at a Gaither Trio concert. They sang ‘Your First Day in Heaven’ and released their debut album in 1981. 

The band brings amazing music to the world. Each song and performance is a great reminder of how important worship music can be. 

“To you, O God, do we give thanks, to you do we give thanks: for that your name is near your wondrous works declare.” - Psalms 75:1