Jaw-Dropping Moment Mama Elephant Saves Baby From Crocodile

Jaw-Dropping Moment Mama Elephant Saves Baby From Crocodile

Check out this jaw-dropping moment when a mama elephant saves her baby from a crocodile!

There are mama bears, mama lions, and tiger moms, but they have nothing on this ginormous mom elephant determined to save her little one!

Mom and calf are enjoying a dip. Mom stands near the edge of the small, muddy pool, and her baby lounges at her feet. They’re in an Indian Forest somewhere near Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India, which is where Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanta is stationed.

As the video begins, we can hear the soft sounds of the forest, and all is well until the 10-second mark. That’s when Mom realizes that they are not alone in the water, and she’s not interested in sharing the space—certainly not with a toothy, cold-blooded predator! 

We see the crocodile pop up from the water just as Mom charges in, determined to destroy the reptile. Her young charge quickly takes cover underneath her. The calf knows that there is no safer place to be than literally under Mama!

While the crocodile is fierce, it’s no match for a protective and very large parent. The croc slithers its way out of the pond and away from the massive stomping feet of the enraged elephant whose trumpeting echoes the extent of her fury! 

There are lots of expressions about the passion of mothers. We know it’s generally not smart to “mess with mama.” That’s a warning for kids, typically. Most moms don’t like to be toyed with. But that’s even more true when the offending party is messing with a mom’s kiddos!

From the safety of his vehicle, Officer Nanta captured a wonderful piece of footage. Check out his Twitter account for many more.

We, human moms, understand the intense love for a child, but God equipped many, perhaps all, of His creation with the instinct to protect their offspring. Our Father knew precisely how to create us all. Every single one!  

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Psalms 139:13

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