Sky Angel On Demand has it all

When it comes to quirky comedies, Sky Angel On Demand serves up a plate of entertainment to keep your sense of humor intrigued. King of California An unstable dad who after getting out of a mental institution tries to convince his daughter
that there's Spanish gold buried somewhere under suburbia. Expiration Date
Charlie Silvercould III carries around a family curse passed down from his grandfather; death by a milk truck on his 25th birthday. With eight days left, Charlie accepts
his fate and starts taking care of his unfinished business, like watering his plants and returning his library books and so on. But while he's out casket hunting, he meets a girl who just won't let him die in peace. Church Ball
In effort to save their basketball league, Church expectations of brotherly love, sportsmanship, and fellowship fall prey to competitive fierceness after a team of clumsy misfits attempt to take their church basketball team to the championship tournament.

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