Battle Prayer for Healing Attitudes-Pt 5

Donald C. Mann: How do you get answered prayer in the name of Jesus? What do you do when you need results? Don answers more questions as he describes his books.

Jesus did not destroy the Romans, He destroyed the devil.

Jesus showed how God really is, His true nature and attitudes, how He really wants to relate to man, by example of His nature in the flesh, Jesus, to overcome over 4000 years of lies and darkness.

Taking communion wrongly means you are sick, sickly and die early – how to do it right and live.

Short circuiting your brain on New Testament truth in Jesus - joy unexpressable

How repentance worked for the Jews; it is not a decision, but a long process.

How do you know if you are saved?

Your life shows the present reality of how much of the power of God you walk in – how to get more.

How to use the Championship Affirmations in Christ to renew your mind. 21 days is not half the battle.

Start by forgiving God.

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