Amber Brown Upcoming Family TV Series Based On Children's Book

Amber Brown Upcoming Family TV Series Based On Children's Book

If you are a parent of children and/or tweens, or even if you’re not, Amber Brown is an upcoming family TC series based on a children’s book and is definitely worth checking out! The trailer promises a show that’s fun, sweet, and kid-friendly!

Based on a realistic fiction book series by the same name, Amber Brown tells the story of an elementary girl who finds herself dealing with big problems, including her parents’ divorce and the loss of her best friend due to a family move. The book series was written by Paula Danziger until her death in 2004 and revived by new authors in 2012. 

The show stars Sarah Drew as Amber’s mom. We know Ms. Drew from her roles in the movie Moms’ Night Out and the hit television show Grey’s Anatomy, among many others. Beloved by many, Sarah is the daughter of a Presbyterian minister and has been very open about her Christian faith.

Bonnie Hunt, famous for her roles in Jumanji, Jerry Maguire, Rain Man, and for her voice work in Disney films like Toy Story 3 and Cars, is the show’s Executive Producer. And, Carsyn Rose is the adorable actress who plays Amber! 

Amber has a head full of beautiful curls, a bright smile, and a lively personality! She is an artist, and that creative outlet helps her through the hard times she encounters. The clip shows Amber’s goofy side, but she’s also clever; we witness that as she outwits Mom several times.

But, in contrast to many comedies about parent-child interactions, the parents in this one don’t appear to bear the brunt of the jokes. Instead, and refreshingly, they seem to be level-headed and intelligent individuals who really do know best. 

The trailer gives us a good idea of the family dynamics, which are not always easy. Like any other child with separated or divorced parents, Amber struggles with feelings of sadness and confusion. However, it’s clear that Miss Amber is loved by many caring adults, and she’ll be just fine!

Amber Brown premieres on Apple TV+ at the end of July. Loaded with warmth and charm, the main character, along with the show, are the ones to watch!     

“What you heard from me, keep as the pattern of sound teaching, with faith and love in Christ Jesus.” 1 Timothy 1:13

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