'O Holy Night' - Beautiful Christmas Video by Lindsey Stirling

You have to watch this beautiful Christmas video of Lindsey Stirling performing the song ‘O Holy Night’ on her violin. It is an incredibly powerful video that will bring tears to your eyes.

“Thank you to The Chosen and Angel Studios for working with me on the filming of this video,” Lindsey writes in the caption of the YouTube video.

In this music video, Lindsey Stirling is dancing and singing and playing her violin in a beautiful and passionate way that shows her love and adoration for our Lord. There are also scenes for the show The Chosen included in the music video. You see Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem getting ready for the birth of Christ, scenes of Mary delivering baby Jesus, and other scenes of Jesus’ work during his ministry years, as well as his death and resurrection.

The entire performance, as well as the video clips, are very captivating and many people shared their thoughts of the video online.

“I keep watching this video over and over again,” writes one person on YouTube. “Lindsey has outdone herself tremendously with this video. Anyone who is a Christian would love this. Her gifts are amazing. She really has given us her heart and soul with this video.”

“Lindsey, you have taken everything I love about this song and the emotions it evokes and somehow made it even more beautiful. Stunning job!” comments another person online.

“Wow…one of the most beautiful versions of this song ever! Thank you Lindsey for showing your love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” writes another person.

Lindsey’s version of ‘O Holy Night’ can be found on her album Snow Waltz. We hope that you enjoyed listening to her rendition of this beloved song today, and may you be encouraged after seeing this video!


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